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About MCCA and Mentor Clubs of America Iniatitives


When did MCCA begin serving youth through mentor clubs?

In 1996 the Minority Christian Coaches Association (MCCA) was founded with the help of Reggie White and other influential business men in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to help teen boys overcome gangs, drugs and poverty.  Mentor clubs where organized to give wayward teens a place to learn life skills, sports and the chance to experience life changing relationships with positive mentors.


The First Mentor Club


What are the core programs and campaigns offered by MCCA?

Over the years these programs have developed into Work Ready Clubs, Sons of David Clubs, Team Fitness Clubs and Gifts of Love Christmas Toy Drives.  Each of our MCCA campaigns are focused on offering inner-city teens opportunities to learn life skills, job readiness, organized sports, volunteerism and team building.


Work Ready Club

Sons of David Club

Team Fitness Club

Gifts of Love Christmas Toy Drive



Why is MCCA successful at keeping inner-city teens off the streets?

Our mentors provide weekly and monthly conferences which take the place of gang activity, drugs and other destructive behavior. 


Leadership Conferences

Keeping Teens Out of Jail

Opportunity to Help Disadvantaged Youth


Why do teens who participate in MCCA programs succeed?

When teens graduate from our mentor clubs they have successfully completed internships, community service learning projects and gained the necessary skills needed to avoid prison by becoming contributing members to society.


Opportunities to Travel the World

Opportunities to Enhance Market Value


Importance of Canvassing Ministry


Why do individual commitments make a difference?

In 2013 over 10,000 individuals committed to sponsor teen mentor clubs and outreach programs through our MCCA Campaign.  These commitments are made possible because each week mentor teams canvass communities to gain new sponsors.


Your Support Makes a Difference

Provides Mission Opportunities


How are commitments made?

Every week thousands of caring residences learn about our work and make $10, $20 and even greater one- time pledges to youth in our clubs.  


Teaching Others to Give


Why is canvassing an effective way to solicit support for our MCCA campaigns and mentor clubs? 

People make commitments to youth directly engaged in our programs, so they see first-hand how MCCA is changing lives. 


Helps Spread the Word


Where Does Your Money Go?

The cost of running our mentor clubs varies depending on the activities each mentor schedules for their team.  For the most part each club will host 2-3 weekend leadership conferences each month. 


Summer Mission Camps

Christmas Toy Drives




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